Bulk packaging

Biodone usually exports its products in bulk-packages of approximately 6.5 Kg, cooled and parcelled in EPS boxes. As a form or risk-management for external factors beyond our control, we operate under a maximum shipment size of 1500 Kg per shipment.

The Dutch worms are usually delivered per Kg or packaged by the thousands, with a low variation in size and quality. As always we pride ourselves in the exceptional quality of our worms.

The fishing-worms can be delivered in any desired weight. The most common sizes (or weights) are 1.0grams, 1.3grams and 1.5grams. At this point we only deliver bulk-packaged shipments to wholesalers and intermediary stores

The worms produced and shipped by Biodone inc. are mainly cultivated in our own state of the art production facility in Almkerk, Netherlands. Our production capabilities also include a number of affiliated production facilities which produce worms under identical conditions as our main plant. We also maintain strict supervision on the growing and feeding processes as to ensure consistency throughout our product line. This allows us to guarantee a level of quality and to prolong the durability and expiration date of our worms.

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