After introduction of the worms in Europe and the United States, we quickly found that the European variety was ideal as bate. Due to their thickness and length of between 8 and 12 cm, they are perfectly suited for fishing for bass and other larger fish.

Biodone exports the Dendrobeana Veneta to numerous European countries and as mentioned earlier, primarily to the United States. We even export our product to Russia as well! Countless wholesalers and distributors have been utilizing and buying Biodone's products with great satisfaction.

Additionally, Biodone takes care of all the shipping and transport documentations necessary for export and import. Biodone guarantees a 100% qualitative worm up to the point of delivery to the client!

All of Biodone's worms are grown in our own production facility in Almkerk, Netherlands. Our facility and growing process distinguishes itself by utilizing an exclusive custom feeding source which enhances the quality and resilience of our worms. As a result of this extra source of nutritious, our worms emit an additional odour which attracts fish even more.

Biodone also runs a distribution centre in the United States (South Carolina) from which our products can be dispersed more effectively in the US market. http://www.BiodoneUSA.com

As a result, companies desiring relatively smaller amounts of worms can directly contact Biodone USA Inc.


The United States of America

As mentioned, Biodone has an subsidiary situated in South Carolina, USA. This facility functions mainly to further distribute our products throughout the US. In addition, companies desiring smaller amounts of worms can directly contact Biodone USA Inc.

Export to the United States has been increasing significantly in size for Biodone. An extensive logistics network, supported by the creation of the US subsidiary of Biodone (Biodone USA inc. founded in 2004), allows for efficient delivery anywhere in the United States. In addition, it also allows us to maintain the quality and freshness of our product by ensuring the conditions needed are met during every stage of transport.


Biodone exports the fishing worms, Canadian nightcrawlers, Meel-worms and compost-worms to all of Europe, if ordered in advance. Shipments take place in bulk, either in bags of 6.5Kg per package, plastic containers (15-20 per container) or in shipments of polyfoam cups.

We export exclusively to wholesalers and to distribution centres/dealers. The worms are collected and packaged shortly before transport, to make sure we can guarantee the freshest quality. Throughout the transport process strict and very precise conditions are maintained and controlled.

All of Biodone's worms are marketed under the brand name: The Dutch Nightcrawlers



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