Soil structure improvement by earthworms

As a supplier of earthworms, Megrow offers its customers an important link in the overall "soil food web". Earthworms form an indispensable part of soil life as they feed on dead, plant-based, organic material. They improve the soil structure, which increases soil fertility and will enhance fruit yields in the future. As a result of the worms' activities in the soil, the organic particles are turned over and spread, so that a redistribution of organisms in the soil takes place.

The worms make little tunnels in the soil, which improve permeability and the supply of air and oxygen. The little air pockets occurring as a result vary in size, which is an essential condition for obtaining a good air and water ratio. The worms secrete mucilage, which acts as a binding agent between the mineral particles. The tunnels get a film of mucilage, which prevents them from caving in and reinforces the stability of the structure. The health and fertility of the soil can be measured by the activity of the soil life. Diseases, harmful fungi and pests will get less opportunity to strike when the soil has a good, well-balanced soil structure and healthy soil life.

Humus as food for soil life

The organic matter in the soil serves as food for all soil life. Megrow supplies humus to feed soil life and improve the soil structure. We can provide a mixture of various soil components to suit your requirements. In organic greenhouse horticulture our "Megrow structure" is a popular humus mixture.

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