About us

Mission Statement

Our goal is establish and maintain a durable and personal relationship with our clients, which we attain by providing expert, reliable and quality service, ensuring a commitment to transport (air/sea) quality, maintaining competitive and fair prices and by being involved with our clients. We believe that doing business is dealing with people and we want to ensure that this remains so.

Company Profile

Biodone inc. was founded in 2000 by Bas de Peuter. Our clientele is comprised mainly of wholesalers of Fishing-worms, in national and international markets. Due to a substantial increase in export volume, our export department has grown and now has an additional 5 employees. We like to maintain an informal and amicable line of communication in all of our interactions. This includes both the client-company relationship as well as internal communication between employees of the company. The structure of our company is also very compact, meaning that any communication will be directly with the person involved with the client. This of course to ensure optimal service and expertise to all or our customers.

Task division

Due to the 'flat' structure of our company, the task division is based primarily on each employees expertise. The task division in this sense is very clear-cut.

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